Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to SNI Global Ventures

Since 2007 when we entered the competitive health food industry, SNI has grown in stature and indeed has transformed to become one of the best health food player. With continuous efforts and support, we have expanded our market across the globe and currently supplies to different parts of the world. SNI continues to harbour greater ambitions as we plan for a more sustainable future in terms of market driven innovation. We are also sourcing for more nutritious and healthy products to increase our range of products to cater for different market.

The Company’s Fundamental Strategies namely to ‘Invest in Growth’ has provided a solid foundation for defining our business processes and value creation activities that drives our progress, while our second strategy to ‘Inspire Our People’ ensures that we nurture and retain our most valued human capital.

The strings of expansion into the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Singapore, Cambodia and Nigeria respectively were prime examples of our aspiration to invest in growth and grow not just our capacity and scale, but also in terms of our diversity of know-how, experience and expertise. By leveraging on the combined strengths and expertise, we now offer different products to cater to the needs and wants of the different market. We are committed to provide innovative nutritious and healthy products.

Our diversified expertise and capabilities have further attracted local and multinational customers and brand owners in the innovation and development of products. With our diversified, inventive and sustainable product expertise, SNI is poised to further tap into the growing global demand for nutritious and healthy products.

To achieve our growing aspirations, we have adopted a simple yet effective “cross boundary” strategy as we looked beyond our existing markets and expanded into the local market. In 2020, amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, SNI partnered up with Badminton Mixed Double Silver Medallist, Ms Goh Liu Ying to kick start a new Company namely SNI x GLY to grow and further develop the local market.

Our mission is clear and concise, to produce the best quality products that will improve the well-being of mankind. Naturally as the company grows , we are also looking to provide opportunity to all Malaysians to be a part of this big family.